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Provide unique and differentiated shopping experience to customers with Lologem AR. Lologem AR increases customer engagement and reduces churn rate, significantly enhances your customer experience.

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What is Lologem

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Quick and Easy introduction of AR technology

It’s simple to link the Lologem SDK to your app. The Lologem SDK supports both native and hybrid apps. Go to market with the fastest way.

Create the best AR content for your customers.

AR quality and completeness of the real products are the most important part of an AR service. In addition to fast and easy services, we create high quality AR content for you.

Other AR service content

LOLOGEM content

Simple to use

You just have to register and you’re good to go! You can manage and access the best AR content instantly.

Simple to useSimple to use

Analyze the customer's behavior

Collects and stores data from AR user and provides improvements out of the data gathered. Use the data to create better business results

Enhance the brand’s customer experience.

Provide your brand's differentiated digital experience to customers through Lologem AR!

What type of business do you run?

Whether your business is an online store(based on web or app), flagship store, in-store, you can use Lologem AR in the best form.

What type of business do you run?


A variety of customers are using Lologem




I’ve been using Lologem since the beginning, but the size of the earrings really suits myface! And we are so satisfied with the service because Lologem team always pays attention to communicating with customers.Definitely, customers who tried virtual earrings have a longer average time on the page than others. :)



Virtual placement is an essential service in the interior or flower industry. Even though our products are heavy, with Lologem, customers can effortlessly complete the overall interior while virtually placing it in the real space! We are using Lologem’s technology and AR contents, especially our customers are very satisfied with the quality of AR contents because they are really similar to the real product.



Ever since the virtual try-on service first appeared, we have been used it through Lologem! Lologem team keeps feedback on whether there are any difficulties related to the setting and if there are any more services needed. Like this, they always try to think from the perspective of the shopping mall. That’s why we are constantly using it and willing to continue using it

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